Winter 2016/2017. Flugplan/Timetable A320neo in Hamburg: modern, effizient, leiser.

33 Security Rules for Cabin Baggage Important Tips for our Passengers. Security Rules for hand Cabin Baggage The European Commission has issued new regulations for cabin baggage. These regulations came into force in November Liquids such as drinks, gels or creams may only be taken on board flights originating in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland in small quantities. These regulations apply for all flights to all destinations, including the USA. Good to know: Liquids may still be transported in checked-in luggage as before, with no restriction on quantity. Passengers are therefore requested to avoid liquids in cabin baggage as far as possible, transporting liquids in checked-in luggage instead. The regulations: Liquids are allowed only in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml The containers must be transported in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre Only one such plastic bag is permitted per passenger The plastic bag must be presented at the security checkpoints for separate examination Exceptions: Passengers may take Travel Value & Duty Free products on board aircraft in their cabin baggage without restriction, if purchased within the security controlled area of an EU-airport or on board an EU airline (special regulations apply for US flights). Medications and special food (e.g. baby food) required during the flight do not need to be carried in the plastic bag. These items must also be presented at the security checkpoints. max. 100 ml max. 100 ml For further information relating to the cabin baggage regulations please check online at and max. 100 ml max. 100 ml max. 100 ml max. 100 ml Please present separately at the Security Control. Further regulations for Cabin Baggage No dangerous items or items which may be used to injure other persons may be carried in cabin baggage. This includes sharp and pointed items, for example knives, scissors and nail files as well as fireworks. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs has published a list of items prohibited from air travel: 33

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