Interviewing General Manager Nina Quitmann of the new 25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt | By Phil Butler

An all this is based on our philosophy. We don’t believe the customer is king but should, instead, feel like a guest at home with friends. Guests don’t just simply stay at our house, they deliberately choose dynamism, surprise and a touch of adventure. Our hotel is a social hub. A place where international travellers and local guests form a community, entertaining and being entertained. Since we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we believe that our guests deserve to have a bit of fun. Everyone who stays at a 25hours Hotel should leave with a story to tell.

Phil Butler: We’ve read the press that talk about Hotel Altes Hafenamt being a far more “private” nature of this hotel, versus some of the other 25hours properties. Can you tell us a bit about how this character is accomplished?

Nina Quitmann: “Sailors stay in the HafenCity, captains stay in the Altes Hafenamt. There is of course still the connecting link of the maritime theme but it’s expressed in a totally different way. The Altes Hafenamt is a new opening, not a continuation. In line with its historical past, the wishes to appear more worldly and adult. Its character is more that of a boutique hotel, more grown-up and informal. This is both reflected in the interior design and the overall atmosphere.

Vintage objects meet flea market finds, new harmonises with the old. The loose furniture varies in each room and individually enhances the identical basic set-up of the 49 rooms. They all have king-size beds. Plus they also boast the popular 25hours standards that our guests appreciate: ultra-comfortable beds, air-conditioning, sustainable toiletries, flat-screen TV, minibar, bluetooth loudspeakers and free Wi-Fi. Those who book in the L and XL categories can enjoy a Nespresso machine and Samova- tea in the room – use is included in the room price.

By the way, trendy cycling is also part of the scene at the Altes Hafenamt in typical 25hours tradition: Twelve rooms in the categories L and XL also feature Pelago bikes as part of the fixtures and furnishings. The great thing is: They don’t just look good, they can also be put to good use. Anybody who wants more physical exercise or fancies a quick workout can take a look in the fitness room on the 2nd floor.

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